Neuro-Metabolic Super Conference 2013 in Las Vegas Jay Malik

Neuro-Metabolic Super Conference 2013 in Las Vegas

I am off to the Neuro-Metabolic Super Conference 2013 in Las Vegas tomorrow. I will be there till Sunday Sept 29th.
The conference is organized by Dr. Michael Johnson’s organization for chiropractors and I have been invited to speak about reducing tax burden by using legal tax planning techniques.
This is my second visit to Las Vegas this year to speak to a group of chiropractors as earlier in July I was there to speak at the annual convention of American Black Chiropractic Association.
Although I don’t gamble (I have other weaknesses) it is always fun to be in Las Vegas. The doctors attending my sessions are very attentive and interested to learn about developing strategies to pay less in taxes as they know they will leave the Sin City after losing more than they win at the casinos. They are keen to find ways to make up for their losses. What better way to recover the gambling losses than to get help from Uncle Sam to chip in through IRS approved tax saving strategies.
I was speaking to a doctor today who would be attending the conference. He said that he considers accountants to be boring people but thinks that I am an interesting funny guy and is looking forward to my presentation. I thanked him and said that I believe he is more interested in saving his hard earned dollars from the government than my personality.

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