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One Key Difference Between Rich and Not so Rich Doctors

I spent last weekend mingling with and sometimes having detailed discussions with a number of chiropractors from all over the country.
The event was the Annual Strategic Planning Seminar organized by TLC for Superteams of Dr. Dean DePice.
By the end of Saturday a realization dawned on me that most of these chiropractors have not changed much financially since the last few years I have known them. Those struggling a few years ago were still struggling, while those doing well were still doing well.
The more I thought about this the more I got convinced about one key difference between these two groups of doctors. Those doing well, whether my clients or not, appeared keen to ask me questions about their financial matters and situations they were facing. They asking my opinions about how they should be tackling their money challenges. On the other hand the group not doing so well financially, avoided deep discussions with me. They tried to keep the meetings as social as possible and even gave vague and generalized answers when I tried to ascertain how they were dong or if I could help them in anyway.
I found this lack of interest in taking advantage of an expert they have known for quite some time and engaging him in their challenges curious. They failed to grab an opportunity to get some free advice while on the contrary the other group took advantage of the opportunity to get a different perspective on their challenges.
I wonder if there is a cause-effect relationship between the initiative to seek help from professionals and financial success when it comes chiropractors.

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