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Seeking a better quality of life today and a comfortable retirement tomorrow?

95% doctors who own their practices pay more than their legally due share in taxes.  You don’t have to be one of those!

You can save upto 50% in taxes every year with my tax saving strategies…legally using IRS approved and court tested techniques

Start your legal tax saving today!

Doctors are on top of the list of most overtaxed Americans. They also top the list of those who voluntarily pay more tax than they are legally required to pay. They keep complaining about decreasing reimbursements, outrageous insurance requirements, and a system bent upon squeezing the most dollars out of them every way possible. Interestingly, from this long list of grievances, paying too much tax is the one which is easiest of fix with a little effort and expert guidance. What is required is proactive tax planning and careful strategizing to minimize the tax burden legally.

Yes you can legally increase your bottom line, enhance your lifestyle, expand your leisure time, and turbo charge  your retirement savings by hitting hard on your tax overpayments. For years I have created tax strategies which have saved huge amounts in tax for chiropractors, dentists and MDs from all over the US and I can do it for you.

Yes, you can obtain your personal cure for your tax pain!

How much am I overpaying in tax?

Four Signs You Need a Second Tax Opinion.

  • Same accountant for years
  • Just records expenses and files taxes
  • Has never discussed a tax plan that could save you thousands
  • Does not come to you at least four times a year saying doctor here is an idea which can save you a few thousand dollars

You’re in an elite health profession with your own practice… but you still find yourself not living the standard you’d imagined. Still struggle with debt—from school or starting a practice.

You love your work, but it takes ALL your time. You desperately need vacations and more family time to unwind from the stress. And even your long hours don’t give you enough to put away enough for a good retirement.

Wouldn’t it be a relief if you could keep more of the money you make? Your single greatest expense is your bill from Uncle Sam.

If I told you 95% of doctors, dentists, and chiropractors overpay their taxes between 10% to 50% would you want to find out how to pay less?

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Fast, painless, easy… and GUARANTEED

I understand taxes and the wealth accumulation expectations of health professionals. For years I’ve worked with doctors, who own their own practices, to help them keep more money… hundreds of thousands more.

I follow the evolution of the medical profession and know how changes in the industry affect you.

You are smart. You are busy. You don’t want to waste time. I honor that and work with your schedule. I’ll also get directly to the point.

A general tax accountant …or even one with a few doctor clients is not good enough for you. You need an accountant expert in tax strategies and wealth accumulation for doctors. I save my clients an average of $16,000 the first year! And the savings compound from there.

Find out how much you can save

“I can’t believe I saved over $11000 on taxes my first year with you. It’s great to have someone smart and trustworthy on my side. You have made a vast improvement in the quality of my life. Thank you!” Dr. Leo Oakchunas, Bethlehem, PA

“You understand the unique tax situations of physicians and provide great strategies for decreasing the tax burden legally.” Dr. Ashraf Oloufa,
Gainesville, FL

“I worried about changing to a new accountant, but you made the transition effortless. You supported my payroll and bookkeeping and saved me $9000 in taxes my first year. I wish I had done this years ago!” Dr. Nancy Gallagher, Allentown, PA

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I guarantee Five Benefits

  • 1. You will never pay me a nickel. Every bit of my payment for tax strategizing and planning will come from your tax savings. You risk nothing and stand to gain money that will change your lifestyle.
  • 2. You will avoid stress as I handle all tax filings and compliance requirements. I make sure you are good with the IRS so you can relax and not worry about your taxes. If you are ever selected for an IRS audit, I will represent you and guarantee your tax plan is legal in every way.
  • 3. You will have a better quality of life as you have more money at your disposal. Take vacations, spend time with family retire earlier. If I can’t save you money, you owe me nothing!
  • 4. You will pay the taxes you legally owe… and not one cent more. I keep up with every change in tax law—so you don’t have to think about it. I know all the little used loopholes and strategies so you keep as much of your money as possible.
  • 5. You start with a complimentary initial diagnosis of your previous year tax return to see your savings before you decide. Send me your last tax return. I’ll analyze it and see where you have overpaid. Before we even decide to work together you’ll have an estimate of the amount you can expect to see back in your pocket.

Don’t let more money slip through your fingers. Take action now.

PPS. Dr. Dean DePice from Philadelphia, PA said, “Clarity is the first law of success. Jay Malik brings clarity and integrity to a field starving for answers. Answers that will enhance our savings for the future as well as allow us to sleep better at night.”

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