Retirement Strategies for Dentists

Learning Objectives:

  • How and why to finance a comfortable retirement.
  • Avoiding the risk of running out of money in retirement.
  • How to make the government partly pay for retirement.

Presentation Summary:

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Most dentists are not mindfully focused on retirement as, according to ADA, the average age of retiring dentists has been steadily increasing. Another challenge in the profession is that those offering retirement planning advice are salespeople trying to make commissions. This presentation aims to provide key, actionable information about retirement planning in an educational environment. It offers a comprehensive overview of the various retirement plans available to dentists.

This presentation demonstrates how to create a roadmap to ensure that a dentist has the financial resources to live comfortably during retirement and to pursue their goals and dreams. It also helps to reduce stress and uncertainty about their financial future. The setting of financial goals, assessing the current financial situation, and creating a plan to achieve those goals are dealt with. This may include saving money in a retirement account, such as a 401(k) or IRA, investing in stocks or other assets, and creating a budget to help save and manage money.

The presentation helps participants to be financially prepared for the future. It gives them a sense of control over their financial future and confidence that retirement will be what they have always wanted.

A range of retirement plan options, including defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, and individual retirement accounts (IRAs), are covered, along with the unique considerations that dentists should consider when selecting a retirement plan.

Throughout the presentation, case studies and examples illustrate the key concepts and help participants understand how the different retirement plans work. By the end of the presentation, they will have a solid understanding of the retirement planning options available and how to choose the best plan under different circumstances.

Duration: From 1 Hour to a Half Day