Dental Office Accounting Simplified

Learning Objectives:

  • Set up and effectively utilize the practice accounting system to generate meaningful data for measuring financial performance.
  • Identify key elements of an accounting system for a dental practice that are easy to maintain and useful to the dentist.
  • Generate and read useful financial reports and compare the practices’ performance with industry standards.

Presentation Summary:

Jay Malik's Dental Speaker Packet PDF
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This presentation is designed for dentists who own their practices and want to learn how to effectively manage their finances and use their financial data to make informed business decisions. The presentation teaches a comprehensive system for tracking income and expenses and generating useful reports for decision-making purposes. It simplifies financial data into actionable insights and provides a primer on The Rich Dentist System℠, a set of protocols that can significantly increase the net worth of dentists and lead to financial independence at an earlier age.

Throughout the presentation, key elements of financial statements will be highlighted, and their relevance and importance to the practice will be explained. The presentation uses real-life examples and financial statements from dental practices. Sample documents and hands-on exercises are included.

In addition to traditional accounting techniques, the presentation also covers using accounting software to streamline and automate tasks. dentists will learn how to set up and use software, enter transactions, generate financial reports, and track and analyze financial data. They will have the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills through case studies and receive guidance and support.
By the end of the presentation, dentists will have the knowledge and skills to effectively manage their accounting and financial records, improving their ability to make informed business decisions and achieve long-term financial success.

Duration: From 1 Hour to a Half Day