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Jay Malik is the Americanization of a South Asian name. Arriving in this world in 1964 under humble circumstances, I spent extended periods of my childhood in homelessness. I endured the indignities of poverty, which people in those circumstances go through all over the world—being a sensitive soul, that has stayed with me. 


From an early age, I developed a resolve to improve my own and others’ financial lives and pursued that objective. In my late forties, I became financially independent. 


I have always been open to sharing the methods, techniques, and processes I used to improve my financial lot. I have helped others—mostly the clients of my practice, Less Tax For Dentists—to copy, tweak, and implement my system for themselves. The results are quite impressive. 


The desire to share this knowledge and help implement it, with the ultimate goal of improving others’ financial lives, led to the starting of my practice in 2006 in Easton, Pennsylvania. Initially, the idea was to make a living while working with small business owners to pay less in tax legally. These were the taxpayers paying more than they had to but were not getting anywhere with their CPAs. I found out quite early that the business people I was able to help the most were the doctors who owned their practices. I specialized in working with these doctors and then further specialized in dentists, who now form my business’s base. 


I got more and more educated about the dental profession and the latest techniques to lower their tax burden. Since then, I have served hundreds of doctors by holistically implementing advanced tax strategies. Along the way, I moved the firm to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, in 2016.     

Reducing the tax burden

With appropriate preparation during the year, the tax bill can be significantly less after the year. These substantial tax savings then lead to improved living standards and increase net worth, leading to financial freedom or independence from money worries. 


We don’t just put the right numbers on the proper forms and file with the IRS in my practice. If a dentist wants us to do that, we let them know that we are not for them as they need a traditional “historian” accountant. I, a “visionary,” do not meet their needs. The historian accountants record what happened in practice in the past and prepare tax returns accordingly. The visionaries create legal tax plans to pay less in tax ultimately. 


I focus on helping the dentists keep more of the money they make by legally reducing their tax burden. I develop and implement the proactive, individualized tax and financial strategies to increase dentists’ net wealth holistically without compromising the quality of life.


The dentist clients of my firm Less Tax For Dentists, have legally saved up to 67% in tax the first year they worked with me. 


I analyze the previously filed tax returns to diagnose missed tax savings opportunities and prepare an estimate of the tax overpaid in the past. I then create a detailed and individualized tax strategy, prescribing specific, actionable steps to capture tax-saving opportunities. These tax strategies are perfectly legal, available in the tax code, approved by courts, and are merely under-used by those with less expertise. I explain these tax plans in plain language to dentists, who then decide which individual pieces of the programs they implement and in what order. My individualized recommendations have proven effective for dentists, who indicate outright astonishment at the results.


The Rich System℠

I invented The RICH System℠, an integrated set of protocols to help dentists achieve a fulfilled life without money anxiety. I help dentists implement my system to achieve a stress-free experience that is prosperity driven and ultimately leads to financial freedom.


This system is a refined version of the same set of practices I used to become financially independent myself starting from nothing.


I teach The RICH System℠ at conferences and seminars organized by different groups of dentists.

Solutions for Difficult Financial Situations

I have successfully coached many doctors out of difficult financial situations, including high debt, consequences of bad investments, divorces, and dissolution of partnerships. I have dealt with most of the money related challenges the dentists face on a day to day basis. Living in the healing professions’ culture, I understand dentists’ unique perspective, working conditions, and limitations in dealing with money.

A Full-Service Accounting Firm, a One-Stop-Shop

Being a practicing accountant and managing a full-service accounting firm, I, along with my associates, work with dentists to implement their tax strategies regularly. As the tax laws change from year to year, so do the tax plans. My firm handles all tax filings and compliance requirements and takes care of bookkeeping and payroll processing.


As a specialist, I keep abreast of the ever-changing legal and regulatory tax requirements affecting dentists and their practices and use my knowledge to make a massive difference in their financial lives. I live and breathe in the world of legal tax reduction and tax preparation, emphasizing paying the least legally required tax. I have in-depth knowledge of the hidden tax deductions and tax loopholes for dentists.


I have observed first-hand the evolution of this profession and understand how dentistry’s changes have affected doctors.


My clients end up saving way more money in taxes than they pay in my fee.

Reducing Debt and Increasing Retirement Savings

I live a debt-free lifestyle and coach my dentists on similarly working towards living with zero “bad” debt in their personal lives. Almost all of my clients are in various stages of eliminating personal debt from their lives forever. And all are making progress in that direction. We find money through tax savings, effective budgeting, and eliminating unnecessary expenses and use it to lower the debt.


Coupled with debt reduction is the goal of accumulating savings for a blessed retirement. My clients are working towards putting away some of their hard-earned money towards their retirement goals, so they control their destiny. By designing efficient retirement plans and finding money to fund them, I help doctors work toward real golden years instead of just worrying about that time.

Innovative Money Solutions

An out of the box thinker, I am often critical of the accounting profession, which lacks the creativity to serve the dentists. I once told CNNMoney, “When Congress passes new tax laws, they should call these the Accountant Employment Acts as the net result is increasing work for accountants.”


I have decades of practical experience and represent taxpayers before the IRS to ensure that they are treated fairly and pay their full legal obligations – but not one cent more.


I welcome dentists to interact with me through any of the means mentioned on this website.

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